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Multicolour decorative finishing.

Polychromatic decorative covering.

Decorative water based product for interior use, that achieves several finishes such as buffered, spatula or dripped relief effect, ideal to embellish environments elegantly furnished. Can be applied with different tools and the final aesthetic effect can be customized by the applicator. OMBRE is a product with a high resistance to washability.
Spread rate: 8 – 10 m2/l
Available colours: Neutral and colours chart

Our Benefits

Our product range is reminiscent of vivid palettes of Italian painters. The abundance of shades, textures and visual effects allows you to choose the right material for any design, from classic to avant-garde.

Our slogan is “There is beauty in simplicity!” Special texture of our plasters makes the application extremely easy and pleasant. Ease of application and high ductility of the material offer great opportunities for creativity.  

Our products are made of high quality environmentally friendly raw materials, ensuring high longevity. Throughout the years our plasters will keep their original brightness and colors.

The original shades and fine textures of our materials will make a luxury interior design. Wide selection of visual effects is able to satisfy the most discerning aesthetes.