Decorative plasters and paints as well as Antica Signoria smooth paints are water-based therefore they are environmentally friendly. They don’t smell during application and further use.

A ready to use (toned) paint can be stored for 2 months if water hasn’t been added into it. After expiration of this period the paint needs to be stirred up again.

Venetian plaster is a variety of decorative plasters that imitates marble effect on the walls.

To apply a decorative plaster the wall should be prepared in a standard way: firstly, using plaster, then filling with putty. Preparation prior to decorative paint application is done in the same way as for normal coating with smooth paints. When textured finish is chosen any minor roughness of the wall will be compensated as the thickness of such coating is from 2 to 5 mm.

Decorative plaster or paint consumption depends on the material used. As a rule, decorative paint consumption is from 100 to 250 g/m because of its liquid consistency. Decorative plaster consumption may reach 2 kg/m due to its density.

The material is quite durable and easy to use if a correct application technique has been carried out. You can learn the correct technique of Antica Signoria decorative plaster and paint application in master class videos on our website.

Decorative plasters can be wiped with a wet cloth without chemical agents.

As a rule, wax is applied on Venetian plasters in order to enhance aesthetic effect and ensure additional protection. There are several protective fixatives for Antica Signoria smooth decorative coatings and textured plasters.

Decorative plasters are not recommended to be applied in the kitchen “splash back” area. Walls in the kitchen can be covered with decorative paints and textured plasters; they may be additionally protected with fixatives, wax or lacquer in order to increase reliability.

It is allowed. Antica Signoria decorative plasters and paints are water-based and can be used in bathrooms. There are also lime-based decorative plasters for rooms with high humidity, such as root cellars, saunas, swimming pools. It is not recommended to use decorative plasters and paints in places of constant contact with water.

Yes we do, we have qualified personnel who performs application of Antica Signoria decorative paints and plasters. The price can be advised by the phone shown on the website. We also carry out free training (master class) on the type of coating you buy in our showroom.

Low-quality tools, for example a burred trowel, may certainly spoil Venetian plaster application. In our showroom you can purchase recommended tools for application of Antica Signoria decorative plasters and paints.

All existing video lessons are demonstrated on our website in each material section. We don’t sell DVD.

Catalogues with available colors for most materials are presented in our showroom. We would recommend you to visit our office and choose the color you want. We don’t recommend choosing the color of the material online as the screen color rendering distorts the genuine color. Antica Signoria smooth acrylic paints are tinted according to different fan decks, including Speedy 2, NCS, RAL, Pantone. They may help to choose the desired color.

The difference between decorative plasters and decorative paints is in different effect they create on walls. Each material is applied in its own technique, and the pattern can be reached only by using a certain product. As a rule, textured plasters have a thicker layer, therefore, they are more practical. However, there are protecting fixatives for smooth decorative paints aimed at strengthening and surface resistance enhancement.

Deep penetration acrylic water-emulsion primer is required to be laid on the surface prior to decorative plaster application. Usually we recommend applying the primer specified by the Antica Signoria plant, which can also be bought in our showroom. If the walls have already been prepared with a primer, re-application of the primer is not required.

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